Pex Search is an Automated Content Recognition (ACR) solution that enables you to identify music (via an audio or melody search) using Pex’s industry-leading digital rights technology. More information about the Pex Search product can be found on the main Pex website.

You can leverage Pex Search to identify matches in two types of registries:

  • Pex Registry: This registry is made up of commercially distributed assets from music labels, including the catalogs from both major and independent rightsholders. You can search this registry to:

    • Identify any copyrighted music that may be present in your content

    • Identify any commercial distributed music that contains your own copyrighted assets

  • Custom Database: This is a private registry only accessible to you. You maintain the Custom Database with your own provided assets which you can then search against for any matches.

The general process for performing a search is as follows:

The following pages will guide you through the process of installing the SDK and language bindings as well as how to get started with performing a search.

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