Search Types

What are the various "search types" I can perform?

Both the SDK and the demo site allow you to perform two types of searches against the Pex Registry. Below is an explanation of what each search type can be used for:

  • Identify music

    • This search type allows you to check any sound recording for copyrighted music. Your media file will be fingerprinted and checked against the Pex music registry to identify any matches to registered music, along with corresponding rightsholder information. This search type is typically used to determine if music is present, and if so, to gather ownership information for licensing needs. It can also be used to deduplicate catalog.

  • Find matches

    • This search type allows you to find commercially distributed versions of your sound recording or composition, including modified versions that may have been distributed by others without your knowledge. When available, DSP links for matches are provided. This search type is typically used to find potential copyright infringement, so licenses can be issued or royalties can be properly paid.

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