Web App

What is the Pex Search Web App?

The web app (https://search.pex.com) leverages the Pex SDK and provides an example of one way you can leverage the SDK and its functionality to build an MRT application. The web app will allow you to select a media file and perform an audio or melody search against our Pex Search registry.

An audio search will return any matches we identify to the sound recording itself. This includes matches where the sound recording has been modified either by pitch and/or speed. A melody search will return any matches to the same underlying composition, such as cover songs or live versions of a song. This includes matches where the melody has been transposed.

In order to access the demo site, you will need to create an account. Please reach out to us at support@pex.com for assistance.

How it works

The below video covers some of the basics of using the Pex Search demo site:

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